Relationship Between Work Satisfaction And Work Engagement: A Study Of Marketing Department In Pt Bank Swasta C (Jakarta)

    Safitri M ,Ismiyah ,Sulis Mariyanti ,Andi Budiawan
    Keywords: Marketing Employee, Job Satisfaction, Work Management ,


    Marketing employees are the key or top priority for the success of a company. The work of marketing
    employees in the banking business are inseparable from the targets set by the company. The inability to
    reach the target makes the employees of marketing not engaged in their work. One factor that influences
    work engagement is job satisfaction. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between
    job satisfactions with work engagement among marketing employees at PT Bank Swasta C in Jakarta.
    The design of this study was a correlation study with a purposive sampling technique with a sample size
    of 115. Job satisfaction was measured using the theory of Luthans (2006) with reliability (α) = 0.936 as many
    as 31 valid items. Work engagement scale based on the theory of Schaufeli and Bakker (2002) with
    reliability (α) = 0.948 as many as 21 valid items. The results showed there was a positive and significant
    relationship of job satisfaction with work engagement (sig 0,000 and r = 0.524). The contribution of job
    satisfaction in influencing work engagement by 27.5%. The job satisfaction of PT Bank Swasta C marketing
    employees in Jakarta was higher (54.8%) while work engagement was lower at 51.3%. From the results of
    the study that there is no relationship between work engagement with gender, age, work period and
    marital status.

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