The Impact Of Father’s Role Towards Adolescent Self-Awareness

    Nurul Khasanah ,Amelia Safitri Harahap ,Sri Hastuti Handayani ,Desy Oktaviani
    Keywords: Fathering, Self-awareness, Adolescent ,


    Nowadays, criminal cases committed by adolescents are increasing trend The criminal cases, involving
    teenagers are now also suspected of misbehavior at school. To avoid this, teenagers need the ability to
    know themselves, know what to do, know their weaknesses and strengths that are owned or called selfawareness, where the role of fathers is one of the factors that influence self-awareness. The purpose of
    this research is to determine the effect of the role of fathers on self-awareness in teenager. This is a
    quantitative causal-comparative research. Subjects in this research were 100 teenagers taken by
    purposive sampling technique. The instrument used was a measure of the Role of the Father, totaling 43
    valid items with reliability quality value of (α) = 0.959 and measuring the scale of self-awareness totaling
    17 valid items with reliability value of (α) = 0.868. Regression test results mean that there is an influence of
    the role of fathers on self-awareness with sig. (p) 0,000; ((p) <0.05), which means the hypothesis is
    accepted. Father's role influences 42.4% in shaping self-awareness. The results of this study showed that
    more reflections had a low father role, but for self-awareness variables more respondents with high selfawareness study. The results show that more female teenagers have higher self-awareness than male
    teenagers do do.

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