Direction For City Forest Development As An Open Space In South Tangerang City (Case Study: Bsd City Urban Forest Setu District)

    Laili Fuji Widyawati ,Eggy Galih Hermayadi ,Dayu Ariesta Kirana Sari ,Hari Supriadi
    Keywords: BSD City Urban Forest, Development Strategy ,


    BSD City City Forest is one of the Green Open Spaces in the Setu District Area, South Tangerang City. The
    urban forest which is located on Tekno Widya Street is included in the category of natural tourism. There
    are many facilities in it such as jogging tracks, children's playgrounds and many ornamental plants in it. It
    can be seen from its development that BSD City Urban Forest has potential advantages to be developed
    into the tourism sector, but the condition of BSD City Urban Forest is also underdeveloped due to the lack
    of supporting facilities. The purpose of this study is to determine the direction of the development of the
    BSD City Urban Forest in order to maximize the potential and overcome the problems that are owned by
    the BSD City Urban Forest. The method used in this research is qualitative and quantitative methods and
    uses development direction analysis to determine the development strategy to be carried out in BSD City
    Urban Forest. The results of this study are directives for developing BSD City Urban Forests by using standard
    facilities to be able to make BSD City Urban Forests as an open space that is beneficial for the people of
    South Tangerang City and surrounding areas.

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