Spatial Analysis and Location Selection Factors Shopping Center in Bekasi City

    Darmawan L. Cahya ,Dinanda Nurul Srigati ,Mega Novetriska Putri ,Mohd Haizam Saud
    Keywords: Location Selection, Shopping Center, Spatial ,


    Development of shopping centers is uneven in Bekasi City. This causes sub-districts without shopping
    centers to come to the center of Bekasi City to come to entertainment or recreation centers such as
    shopping centers. This study aims to discuss the spatial analysis of distribution patterns and factors in
    selecting the location of shopping centers in Bekasi City. The research method used is quantitative
    descriptive by using the nearest neighbor analysis for distribution patterns, and weighting analysis by
    calculating the average (mean) for the shopping center location selection factor. The results showed
    that the distribution pattern of shopping centers in Bekasi City tends to be in groups located in the city
    center. Factors that determine the location of shopping centers in Bekasi City are influential factors are
    accessibility factors, demographic factors, consumer socio-economic factors, psychographic factors
    and competition factors.

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