The Study of Green Open Space in Tangerang

    Aditianata ,Chandra Setiawan ,Elsa Martini ,Djoko Roespinoedji
    Keywords: Green Open Space, land use change, land, needs ,


    Increasing urban land demand is in line with population growth, causing high urban land use change.
    including Green Open Space is decreasing. A city should consider the existence of green open space to
    be improved in its function and role as a forum for the community to interact socially with fellow citizens
    and visitors, while also playing a role in creating a balanced urban face environment. The increasing
    need for urban land is a consequence of the city's rapid development and development as
    accommodation for the city's development and development. Land - land that is converted into a
    developed area is a potential vacant land to be developed, both in the form of productive land and
    non-productive land. As a result, open land is increasingly p

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