Influence of Emotional Intelligence on Behavior Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Assistant Pharmacy

    Sulis Mariyanti ,Alvia Rizqillah ,Deny Surya Saputra ,Bunga Indah Bayunitri
    Keywords: Pharmacist Assistant, Emotional Intelligence, Organizational National Citizenship Behavior (OCB) ,


    The demands of the work to health workers of the Pharmacist Assistant are very varied, not only serving
    and concocting recipes. But, also have to be replaced by the position of a temporary pharmacist with
    considerable responsibility. The work target is oriented especially in the Jakarta area Pharmacist Assistants
    who have a greater income achievement than other regions. This makes the Pharmacist Assistant must
    help each other in problem solving at the Pharmacy in order to be able to serve patients well for the
    progress of the Pharmacy. But not all pharmacists have the same behavior. There is a Pharmacist Assistant
    who is " indifferent ", does not care about his teammates, but there are also those who are happy to help,
    and care about the problems. The purpose of study was to determine the influence of emotional
    intelligence to organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) in health care pharmacist assistants. The method
    of this research is non-experimental quantitative, including in causal research. The sampling technique
    used proportional random sampling technique. The results showed a significant positive effect of
    emotional intelligence on OCB (Y = 26,706 + 0.556X) with a sig value. 0,000 and r² = 0.382. Emotional
    intelligence has an influence on OCB of 38.2% and the rest is influenced by other factors not examined in
    this study. Pharmacist assistants who have high emotional intelligence are high OCB, but on the contrary
    if the Pharmacist Assistant has low emotional intelligence, OCB is low. The dominant dimension of OCB
    that appears in Pharmacist Assistants is sportsmanship.

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