The Relationship Between Motivation and Perfectionism Towards Scholarship Recipients (A Study on Student Creativity Programs in Esa Unggul University)

    Sulis Mariyanti ,Ika Suarsi ,Aisyah Ratnaningtyas ,Citra Mariana
    Keywords: Achievement motivation, perfectionism, college student scholarship ,


    Scholarship for college students were demanded to finish PKM based on schedule, perfectly and
    following Dikti terms. By doing it, some of them did PKM based on criteria while some of them did not do
    it perfectly. In case to do it, college students need perfectionism into it. one of the factors that correlates
    with perfectionism is achievement motivation. This research aims to find the correlation between
    achievement motivation and perfectionism. The method of this research uses quantity study and
    correlational with incident al sampling with 137 samples. Achievement motivation scale is based on Mc.
    Cell and theory with 21 valid items with (α) = 0.888 and perfectionism using Multidimensional Perfectionism
    Scale by Frost with (α) = 0.930. Result of Pearson Product Moment showed that there is a correlation
    between achievement motivation with perfectionism coefficient correlation r = 0.253 with significant sig.
    0.003 (p <0.05) it means this hypothesis accepted there is a positive correlation between achievement
    motivation with perfectionism. Beside that also found there is no gender correlation, GPA and parents’
    education with achievement motivation while only parents education has correlation with perfectionism.

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