Criminological Review of Handling Hate Speech Issues (Case Study of West Jakarta Police Resort)

    Idris Wasauha ,Bella Ocsila ,Ade Hari Siswanto ,Obsatar Sinaga
    Keywords: West Jakarta Resort Police, Hate Speech, Social Media, Crimes, Criminal Law. ,


    Hate speech is closely related to social media users who tend to want to get a sensation so that the posts
    they share become viral, although the posts are not necessarily true but many other social media users
    are spreading the news because they believe that the post is true. Hate speech itself is a crime against
    the honor of others because it is related to the good name of the person concerned or the organization
    or government whose reputation is tainted due to the posting of irresponsible people. The purpose of this
    study is to examine the legal provisions regarding hate speech, how the legal policy towards the
    perpetrators of hate speech crime, as well as how the efforts made by the police in tackling hate speech
    crime. The research conducted is empirical legal research supported by primary data by conducting
    interviews at the West Jakarta District Police and secondary data by processing data from primary legal
    materials, secondary legal materials and tertiary legal materials. Based on the results of the study it is
    understood that the provisions regarding hate speech have been regulated in Indonesia not only in the
    Criminal Law Act alone, hate speech has even been regulated in a specific Law namely Law Number 11
    of 2008 concerning Information and electronic transactions, only there are still many parties who ignore
    the law, so the police must make efforts to overcome it, the prevention efforts by the police should be
    further increased so that the utterance of hatred completely disappears from this beloved country
    because so many parties are harmed due to the crime . With the increase in legal efforts and in
    compliance with existing legal policies, many parties will feel justice and legal certainty so that there is no
    longer any fear of violence that has spread on social media so far, and it should be in this rapid
    development of the times that there should be greater self-awareness between individuals or groups to
    always appreciate the achievements made by other individuals or groups so that there is mutual respect
    in order to avoid the hate speech crime that has troubled many people.

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