Design of Mini Plants with Self-Watering Features Using Environmentally Friendly Materials

    Karna Mustaqim ,Syaiful Azzam Rabbani ,Geggy Gamal Surya ,Yanyan Agustian
    Keywords: Eco-friendly, Pot, Plants, Workspace, Self-watering ,


    The concern of urban communities towards health continues to increase and can be proven by the
    growth of health insurance 10-15%, the birth of the Indonesian Gardening community and other healthy
    lifestyle communities. Air pollution is a major factor causing health problems, because indoor air pollution
    is 2-5 times (Vidyautami, et al., 2015) worse than outdoors and humans spend 90% of their activities
    indoors. NASA scientists in the 80s conducted a study of the role of plants in the room to eliminate organic
    chemicals in the air just by placing air purifier plants in a room with a height of 20cm making a very large
    reduction for air pollution. But it is not easy to care for these ornamental plants when they are placed in
    a room. Obstacles to moving ornamental plants from the yard into the room include, in addition to
    adjusting the types of plants, a pot that can be adjusted to the conditions of the room is also needed. In
    this design the author aims to be able to make a pot that can adjust to the busyness of the urban
    community that can facilitate the process of plant maintenance every day.

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