The Moderating Effects of Risk and Subjective Norm Perception Towards Consumers’ Trust and Online Purchase Intention

    Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah ,Ria Monika Munthe ,Dedy Dewanto ,Roeshartono Roespinoedji
    Keywords: Online, E-commerce, Internet, Trust, Risk, Online Purchase Intention ,


    This study was intended to examine the moderating effects of risk and subjective norm perception
    towards consumers’ trust and consumers’ online purchase intention on the purchasing of online products
    that belong to body care category. The samples in this study were 120 students of Universitas Esa Unggul
    who had made online purchase of the products that belong to body care category. The method used
    in this study was the non-hierarchical Anova or Cell Means method on which the values of the samples
    were calculated by using computer software. The results of this study showed that consumers' trust
    affected online purchase intention of the products within body care category with a significance value
    of 0.000. This study also found that moderating effect of risk towards consumers’ trust and online purchase
    intention had a significance value of 0.032.

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