Transformational Leadership, Affective Commitment, And Mediating-Analysis of Individual’s Work Performance Moderated by Personal Characteristic; Work Duration

    Rhian Indradewa ,Raymon Fernando Napitupulu ,Purwanto ,Tetty lasniroha Sarumpaet
    Keywords: Transformational leadership, affective commitment, individual’s work performance, personal characteristic ,


    Transformational leadership plays role in improving individual’s work performance by the influences of an
    ideal leader, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individual consideration, either directly
    or indirectly. In addition, it is also influenced by either direct or indirect affective commitment. The aim of
    this study is to investigate the effect of the transformational leadership on the individual’s work
    performance mediated by affective commitment and moderated by personal characteristic; work
    duration, both partially and simultaneously. The respondent participated in this study is a group of people
    who work as production operator in a manufacturer in Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. The questionnaire
    was distributed to the respondents and finally obtained 200 samples. The analysis process in this study
    applied the Structural Equation Model. The result of this study shows that the individual’s work
    performance is affected by the affective commitment. In addition, the employee’s emotional bonding
    has grown as the result of the effect of the leadership style and organization that are able to build their
    trust. The management is able to make the employees feel appreciated, and they are also involved in
    the organization by giving positive motivation to achieve the organization’s vision and mission

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