Model Intrapreneurship Behavior, Transformational Leadership and Organizational Culture in Private University

    Rojuaniah ,Ai Hendrani ,Barika Gumay ,Sunardi S. Brahmana
    Keywords: Transformational Leadership, Organizational Culture, Intrapreneurship ,


    In order to develop an organization needs organizational culture and the leader who could be an
    inspiration and motivate the employees to become more independent, creative and innovative. The
    purpose of these studies intended to investigate the effects of organizational culture and leadership on
    intrapreneurship behavior in organizations. The design and methodology approach of this study is
    quantitative research. Objects and respondents in this research are private university lecturers. Data
    collected using questionnaires and direct interview with selected respondents. Data were analyzed
    descriptively and verificatively by using SEM (Structural Equation Model) analysis. The results of these
    studies founded that the dimensions of transformational leadership consisted of : inspirational
    motivations, intelectual stimulations, individual considerations and idealized influences has a positive and
    significant on lecturer intrapreneurship behavior. The dimension of organizational culture, both of the
    external focus (adaptability and mission) and internal focus (involvement and consistency) has a positive
    effect and significant on the employee’s intrapreneurship behavior. a strong organizational culture with
    the support of transformational leadership will encourage the creation of independent, proactive,
    creative and innovative behaviour of the lecturer

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