Economic And Environmental Behavior Transformation of The Indigenous Arctic Zone Peoples in The Russian Federation

    Gennady Detter


    Sociological and psychological studies reveal many problems in the life of the Arctic indigenous small-numbered peoples, and do not always find a positive solution. The complexity and multidimensionality of the key problems determines the search for a balance between the preservation of the traditional indigenous peoples’ lifestyle, their traditional crafts and new climatic, ecological, economic and technological life conditions. Finding such a balance, positive ways to transform their economic and environmental behavior is a non-trivial task and requires a serious approach to the study of existing problems as a complex, in which each of the problems itself is both a consequence of a few existing bottlenecks and the cause of new obstacles or opportunities. As a result of the study, the authors have developed mechanisms for the positive transformation in the economic and environmental behavior of the Arctic indigenous small-numbered peoples.

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