Social Costumes and Traditions from Azhar Alryadh fi Akhbar Ayyadh by Almaqary Altilmisany (Dead 1041 AH -1631 AD)

    Zahraa Saeed Fadhil Al obaidi ,Mushtaq Kadhim AqoolAlmayahi


    Societies includes several customs and traditions that the people practice according to rituals. In this research we shall review some of costumes and traditions in Arab Morrocco as it was mentioned in Azhar Alryadh book. I find many costumes and traditions that dominated Arab Morocco and Andalusia such as exchange traditions and greetings and costumed that have a religious feature such as the spell which means seek refuge by Quran verses, the seasons of Aqqiqah that concerned the newborn as they were make the celebrations according to Islam laws as well as there were some rooted traditions in the society such as guest.

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