The Influence of Autocratic Leadership Type and Compensation on Employees’ Work Loyalty "XX" Motor Bandung West Java Indonesia 2021

    Andi Budiawan ,Agatha R Suhardi ,Vina Marinda ,Tito Rohendra ,Mohd Haizam Saudi


    Companies are required to be able to design systems that are able to support and satisfy the wishes of both the employees and the company. Therefore, companies and employees need to have a commitment to support each other in order to achieve both organizational goals and personal goals. Reliable and loyal employees are very valuable assets for the company. If the organization wants a loyal employee, the organization must strive for employees to become part of the organization which is a higher level. Factors that affect employees work loyalty include compensation and leadership style. The purpose of this study was to determine the influence of leadership style and compensation on employee’s loyalty Dens Motor. The sampling technique used by the author in this study is to use the simple census technique. Data processing is done by multiple linear regression analysis, correlation coefficient, coefficient of determination and hypothesis testing. Based on the results of the study, it can be concluded that leadership style has an effect on employees work loyalty. So is compensation effect on employee’s loyalty. Simultaneously, leadership style and compensation have an effect on employee’s loyalty.

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