Analysis Of Culinary Business Opportunities Through Canvas Model Business Approach to Determine a New Business Strategy with The Implementation of Community Activities Restrictions Implementation (Ppkm) In Bandung City (Case Study: Bandung Chicken Siomay

    Yelli Eka Sumadhinata ,Djoko Roespinoedji ,Obsatar Sinaga


    The government since July 3, 2021 until now has officially stipulated the implementation of the Emergency Community Activity Restriction (PPKM) policy. This emergency PPKM policy limits community activities more strictly than the previous regulations. The purpose of this emergency PPKM policy is to suppress the surge in Covid-19 cases in Indonesia, where the implementation of this emergency PPKM is more stringent than PSBB and Micro PPKM which have also been implemented by the previous government. The implementation of PPKM is certainly very influential on community activities, especially for business activities. This study aims to analyze the effect of this Emergency PPKM policy on the development of culinary businesses and so that businesses can survive in this time. The research method used in this study is descriptive verification method, the sample in this study were consumers from Bandung chicken dumplings. The results of this study indicate that there must be additional customer segments so as to increase the value proposition, namely by changing the Revenue Streams target by optimizing revenue in sales, Adding customer segments, namely customers obtained through online media, Changes to Key Resources will change Key Activities towards the right direction. better with management support,

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