Foreign Relations between Garut Regency and Damyang County in the Utilization of Agricultural Technology

    Gilang Nur Alam ,Obsatar Sinaga ,Djoko Roespinoedji ,RMT. Nurhasan Affandi


    This article aims to explain what underlies the foreign relations between Garut Regency as a constituent unit and Damyang County as a constituent unit of the Republic of Korea. In writing this article, the authors use the theory of transgovernmentalism from Robert Keohane and Joseph Nye, and Alexander Kuznetsov's theory of paradiplomacy. The methods used in this article are a descriptive-analytic method and historical method. In the discussion, the authors find that both Garut Regency and Damyang County have their respective interests, in which this foreign relationship will be used as an effort to fulfill the interests of each party. Besides, the similarities in agricultural commodities between Garut Regency and Damyang County can strengthen the relationship between both parties. This similarity can also encourage the cooperation between Garut Regency and Damyang County in the development and utilization of agricultural technology, which aims to achieve the goals and interests of both parties.

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