Construction Effectiveness of Vehicle Drum Brakes

    Udin Komarudin ,Adhita Prasetya ,Nia Nuraeni Suryaman


    The safety factor for the driver is very important, where braking for the vehicle is one part of the vehicle that affects safety. Although braking is controlled by the driver, the braking system will also affect and help the driver to reduce the risk of an accident because the brake system is not functioning properly. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the construction of drum brakes on car bicycles, which are used on both rear wheels. The brake construction that will be evaluated is the construction of the drum brakes on xxx vehicles. Furthermore, calculations and drawings of disc brake designs are carried out. The evaluation results obtained the Brake Effectiveness Factor (FER) of 0.76 N and the results of the braking force with a disc of 299.5 N, using a drum (Tromol) with a diameter of 240 mm. It is felt that it is sufficient to provide stability and safety for the driver and passenger of the vehicle.

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