"The Influence of Service Quality on Satisfaction and Its Impact on Customer Loyalty "BOB'S" Barbershop".

    Henry meytra


    With a customer-oriented marketing strategy, companies must understand and fulfill both customer behavior and needs to achieve customer satisfaction. One of the main ways to differentiate a service company is to consistently provide a higher quality service than competitors. One type of company engaged in the service sector is a Barbershop. Barbershop is a hairdressing service business that different from traditional barbershops, barbershops offer a different haircut sensation, ranging from the physical appearance of a trendy barbershop, attractive interior design to offering additional facilities such as massage, creambath to hair dye. These additional services have increased public interest in shaving and made the barbershop business increase. Based on the above phenomenon, the authors are interested in conducting research with the title "The Influence of Service Quality on Satisfaction and Its Impact on Customer Loyalty BOB'S Barbershop" Explanatory Method (Survey Explanatory Method) is a research method with the aim of testing hypotheses that have been formulated previously (testing research). In this method there is still a descriptive explanation, but the focus remains on the explanation of the relationships between variables (associative). The distribution of the sample is 98 customers, using Path Analysis, Model Test (F Test), Partial Hypothesis Testing (t Test), Research Results: service quality on customer satisfaction. Coefficient value is positive (positive effect), The effect of service quality on customer satisfaction

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