Global Education or How to Most Effectively Implement Cross-Disciplinary Themes in the Curriculum of Primary School–Czechia´s Example


University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice, CZECH REPUBLIC


Dino Elementary School of Prague, s.r.o., Praha, CZECH REPUBLIC


Global dimension, global education, “teachers: agents of change”, Czech Republic, primary school ,


The article gives an overview of the educational concept of global education at elementary schools in the Czech Republic. It analyses the theoretical basis and methodology of this concept. It reflects upon the literature concerning. It reflects upon the literature concerning global education. Based on this it defines what the global dimension is. It gives a view of the development of applying global topics in education from global upbringing up to global teaching. The article presents the main principles and topics of global education. An international project called “Teachers: Agents of change” is presented, which is currently (2013-2015) being implemented in the Czech Republic and Poland. The objective of the project is to develop the possibilities of integrating GE into the education systems of these countries. The authors of the article point out the conjunction of the topics of global education to the cross-disciplinary topics of the Czech educational programme for elementary schools. At the same time, they analyse the possibilities that the school subject geography offers for the application of global education topics. The objective of the article is to find an answer to the question of why teaching pupils at elementary schools to think in a global context is important and what contributes to it.