Volume 10, Issue 1 (Special Issue), March 2020

Editorial (Contents, Editorial Commissions, From the Editor)
Eyüp Artvinli

A Critical Approach to Geography Curriculum in Terms of Global Awareness Attainments
Hakan TÜRK; Emin ATASOY / Researh Article                                                                                        

Investigation of Geography and Social Sciences Curriculum in Terms of Map Skills
Şenol Mail PALA; Adem BAŞIBÜYÜK /Research Article

Preservice Teachers’ Metaphors about the Concept of Space Perception
Mehmet KUZEY / Research Article                                                                                                              

The Effect of Outdoor Education on the Achievement and Recall Levels of Primary School Students in Social Studies Course
Görkem AVCI; Nevzat GÜMÜŞ  / Research Article                                                                                                                                 ..               
Examination of the Metaphors of Classroom and Social Sciences Teacher Candidates Related to the Concept of Direction
Mehmet KUZEY; Yavuz DEĞİRMENCİ /Research Article
A Case Study on the Urban Perception of Disabled Students in Samsun (Turkey)
Seyfullah GÜL  /Research Article

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